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"Identifying the little wins (God wins) has definitely been a game changer for me. I already feel lighter through my changed perspective."

"I have not been able to put the book down since opening it. Definitely satisfied with my purchase."


"I've prayed already, but..."

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Shantel Athena

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Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Author, CEO pretty much anything that has to do with serving and inspiring others, Shantel Athena is all for it. When she hears the phrases, "I'm tired", "I'm frustrated, I can't do this anymore", "I've prayed but the Lord is not answering", "God is not hearing me", her compassionate heart and sense of urgency kicks in. It is in that place her genius emerges, offering you books, motivational and inspirational strategies, and transformational events. These are designed to lift you out of that dark place so you will be able to walk effectively, efficiently, and burden free in your destined place of success.


Through her own experiences, Shantel can identify with those dark lonely places and works tirelessly to ensure  that you have the proper tools and strategies to pull yourself out of those places, as she did for herself. Her motto: "Giving up is not an option". 

Word from Shantel Athena:

"If you have read this far I am assuming you can benefit from what I have to offer. Head over to our services page and products page to choose the right strategy for you to get out of your dark place and move peacefully in your success place. So glad that you have decided to take that step of faith and join this movement of positivity, peace, and hope. Talk with you soon!"