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Public Schools Partnership Initiative

PBSPI is designed to partner along with school districts who serve students of low-socio economic status. We provide an after school program that is designed to couple social and emotional health along with academic support to positively change the learning trajectory of students incurring a learning deficit in math and reading.


-Social Emotional Activities

-Stem Activities 

-Math and Reading Intervention

-Higher ED. and Career Prep


Zoned is designed provide coaching to teens in communities of low-socio economic status. Teens who join zoned will spend their summer working on healthy social and emotional habits as well as building GRIT to ensure positive outcomes in their academic careers. Teens who participate in Zoned will have volunteer opportunities, go through work readiness workshops, attend career fairs, college tours, and cultural field trips. Seniors will also have opportunities to receive a scholarship that will go toward their academic studies at a college of their choice. 

Learning Center

The Learning Center provides a year around child care facility that has a focus on early childhood education.  During the school year children attending will develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs in order to establish a foundation for life long learning.

During the summer, J's Learn and Fun will transition into summer activities Along with early childhood education activities. Summer activities include field trips, in house water play, and math and reading tutoring will be offered to older camp participants.