Our History


Shantel Athena Here!  Welcome to Silent No M0re!  I am so glad to meet you!  I am beyond excited that you are here on this site and I can't wait for you to learn more about Silent No M0re.

First and foremost Silent No M0re Inc. became established because of my driven passion to ensure the academic and occupational success of every child and teen who had a story similar to mine. I was raised in a single parent home which eventually formed into a home with  ten family members. Three of those family members were three amazing Queens, my Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother. These three women were the rock of my growth and everyday I am beyond grateful for them. Though I had three amazing women to support me, growing up as a child, living in a lower income community had it's disadvantages. Personal disadvantages, but disadvantages that I never thought would bleed over into school and work life.  I believe that I noticed most of my academic disadvantages when it was pretty much late in the game. I noticed how ill prepared I was as I began the process to apply for colleges. I realized that I was not as competitive as others around the country trying to get into the same schools. Yes I heard before that keeping your grades up was important, but it wasn't until I really began my process that I realized  it was more than that. I experienced the disappointment of not getting into schools I imagined, and going to a school I couldn't afford, however I had no one to assist me in how to properly look at the financial package that was being offered. I was the first child headed to college in my immediate family and my mom was learning the process through me. My ignorance allowed me to choose a school that ultimately caused me to have to drop out due to financial reasons. Even during my freshman year of college I could tell that I truly wasn't prepared, my time management was off, I didn't take my classes seriously, and when I went back 2 1/2 years later I didn't take advantage of internships, career counseling programs, and networking opportunities. All in all, When I turned 18 I was not prepared for life as an adult. At least not a successful, financially stable adult. I was heading in a direction of repeating the cycle of poverty that I was born into.

What does poverty have to do with any of these scenarios?  Well research shows when a child is born into poverty that child has a higher chance of remaining in poverty as an adult than they do getting out of poverty. The reason being, the many stressors that poverty has on children. Like, living in a home with one working parent which causes less parental support, parents having less access to educational resources and/or knowledge to equip their child to be "learners", issues going on in the neighborhood that could cause stress to the child, trauma going on in the home that could be a hindrance to the way the child learns. These and other scenarios have a direct effect on how children and teens from low income areas learn in their school buildings, this and the fact that schools in these lower income areas are not equipped with the same resources that can help prepare these disadvantaged students to be competitive with their more advantaged peers. Not only resources they lack, but many of times they lack highly qualified teachers our country's most vulnerable students need. I have to say  more than one of these scenarios was my scenario, and I was not prepared, however when I came to the realization of what was being done wrong and how to fix it, I knew I had to begin an organization that can be the middle man between home and school. That can step in and be the cushion for youth that had similar scenarios, so they will not feel intimidated when it was time to step into the "adult world". From my own experience I knew it was time to be Silent No M0re! 

SNM Inc. is completely designed for the need of disadvantaged youth and teens. We coach them into establishing a healthy mindset as well as a successful academic career to give them the necessary tools they need to become competitive when they enter the higher education or career sector.  Statistics show that poverty will most likely have a negative effect on a child's academic achievement, as they get older it often times has a negative effect on their work readiness skills which all results into a continued cycle of poverty. Silent No M0re Inc. aims to put a dent in this gap by providing these youth and teens with the resources and support they need to succeed. Visit our Programs page to see all we are doing to make this happen. 

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